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I truly enjoy capturing the awesome beauty of the places we visit and the creatures we encounter as we go through life. Photography enables us to capture a momentary experience and relive or share that moment anytime we wish. For me, it is not only a business, but also a passion for doing something that I love. I hope you can enjoy some of your own precious moments, places or creatures as I have captured them in my photos. Photos viewed online are in less resolution than the photos the prints are made from.

Best regards,
Mike Stoller

Order photo prints or digital copies. When purchasing photos in digital format you are licensed to use photos on web sites or publications. For prints I recommend the Lustre paper. Photos ordered will not have the MNT PUBLISHING watermark; copyright symbol in lower right corner will be on photos unless cropped off by different sizing options. If you would like a custom order or for event photography or private sitting pricing contact me at mike@mikestoller.com